Guide to Job Oriented Linguistic Support for Migrants and Refugees

The Guide to Job Oriented Linguistic Support for Migrants and Refugees aims to support migrants and refugees in Greece in familiarising themselves with the primary objectives of the employment/labour legislation, as well as the working life conditions of the country they reside in, and to provide tailor-made solutions for their job-oriented linguistic support. It has been piloted together with migrants and refugees, as well as evaluated by migrant and refugee communities and experts working in the field.

This Guide is the result of intensive fieldwork and research that took place from September to November 2021 during the ‘LIAM Labour Linguistic Integration 2021 (LILaLI 2021)’ project undertaken by Symbiosis-School of Political Studies in Greece, affiliated to the Council of Europe Network of Schools.

Language: English

Publisher: Symbiosis

Authors: Michalis Karakonstantis

Editor: Despina Syrri

ISBN: 978-618-81348-6-7 [web]

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